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Sandhill Crane Festival

November 4-6 · Hutchins Street Square · Lodi, CA

November 4-6, 2016

Hutchins Street Square · Lodi, CA

800-581-6150 ·

Festival Artist - Rich Turner

Rich Turner began his photography career in the U.S. Navy photographing assignments from the back seat of supersonic jets and in exotic locations, including the Antarctica.  His subsequent work as an award-winning photojournalist led to opening his own photography studio in 1990.  Based in Stockton since 1974, he has employed his camera to capture the changing vistas and compelling character of the vast natural resources just beyond his own back door.  Forays into the California Delta and beyond have resulted in his discovery of grand and stately vistas worthy of preservation.
“Unfortunately, our beautiful and fragile environment is in peril on many fronts.  I want to do what I can to document this fragile splendor and share it with as many people as possible, the hope being that we will all become better stewards of the planet that sustains us”, says Turner.

In addition to chasing the light in natural surroundings, Rich Turner specializes in fine art photography for corporate and home décor as well as aerial and corporate-industrial photography.
His newest book is Delta Grandeur,a 140-page, hardcover coffee table book.  Photos from his book will be exhibited at the Crane Festival Art Show and he will have additional prints and note cards for sale.  Visit his web page at to learn more about book and view his photos.

Contact Rich Turner at 209.460.1050 or