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Sandhill Crane Festival

November 1-3 · Hutchins Street Square · Lodi, CA

November 1-3, 2019

Hutchins Street Square · Lodi, CA

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Featured Speakers

Nesting and Family Life of Greater Sandhill Cranes

Saturday, November 2, 2019
12:30-1:20 PM
Crete Hall, Hutchins Street Square, Lodi, CA

Join us in welcoming back Dr. Gary Ivey , who will describe how Greater Sandhill Cranes behave during their nesting and brood rearing season and share their family lives, from hatch to flights to wintering areas. He will also talk about their distribution during the breeding season and a bit of history of the population and its recovery from near extinction. The Greater Sandhill Crane nests in California, Oregon, and Washington and is listed as a threatened species in California.

Gary Ivey works with the International Crane Foundation as a Research Associate and is an expert on Sandhill Cranes in the Pacific Flyway. He has worked with wildlife for over 40 years, concentrating his work on waterbirds, waterfowl, and wetland conservation. He served for 20 years as a biologist at several western refuges, including 15 years at Malheur Refuge. He studied nesting ecology of Sandhill Cranes for his Master's Thesis and wintering ecology of Sandhill Cranes for his PhD, both from Oregon State University. Dr. Ivey also serves as Past-President of The Trumpeter Swan Society and is leading efforts to restore breeding Trumpeter Swans to Oregon .



Coastal Sandhill Cranes - At Home in the Rainforest

Sunday, November 3, 2019
12:30-1:20 PM
Crete Hall, Hutchins Street Square, Lodi, CA

Did you know that some of the Central Valley's wintering Sandhill Cranes spend their summers on the beaches of northern British Columbia and Southeast Alaska, following trails through dense coastal rainforest to their hidden nest sites in muskeg pools? Krista Roessingh will share what she has learned about Sandhill Cranes in a place where the only roads are travelled by boat. We will explore the life of these cranes in their breeding habitat on the remote archipelago of the Great Bear Rainforest, a place better-known for Spirit bears and salmon-fishing wolves. You will see how cranes survive off the sea and raise their young where estuary marshes are the only fields to forage.

Krista Roessingh is originally from Victoria, B.C. She received a BS from the University of Victoria, a MS from Pondicherry University (India), and a MS from the University of Victoria. Krista and her family moved to the Central Coast of B.C. to study the breeding habitat of Sandhill Cranes in 2007 and have lived there ever since. She worked with Pacific Wild, an environmental non-profit that advocates for wildlife and habitat protection in the area, in part on a live remote wildlife camera project. Krista now works on passive acoustic monitoring of underwater noise and whale sounds with the North Coast Cetacean Society and First Nations and continues to study coastal cranes through citizen-science based research.